In class, we were assigned to write a story which defines our educational experience. I struggled immensely on this, especially when it came time to look back at our responses and comment on them. I found this assignment difficult for a multitude of reasons. I have mixed feelings when looking back at my education and thus feel I cannot adequately put it into words. On the one hand, I look back at a series of missed opportunities and learning experiences. However, on the other side, I feel guilty for complaining as I was given a chance to learn. An opportunity which is not readily available for many students across the globe.

I find I am overly critical of my education experience and do not hold fond memories of my time spent in school. In part, I think this is due to the lack of control and freedom I associate with the public education system. Throughout both elementary and high school, I felt disengaged and not challenged. The daily cycle of sitting in a desk, listening to a teacher, and creating assignments based on what the instructor wanted to see as opposed to assignments based on what I believed and thought was discouraging when developing my own opinions and individuality. Freedom and expression were missing from the classrooms I remember.

However, I feel guilty complaining about my experience with education and looking down on the public education system. I am fortunate to have been given the opportunity to learn and expand my knowledge, and I feel I should not be picky about the circumstances. Many children around the world live in conditions which are not conducive to learning and are not given educational opportunities.

With my views on my education experience, I feel undeniably drawn to the realm of outdoor education. It allows the sense of freedom and exploration I believe the traditional schooling is missing while still being integrated with the critical learning of the classroom. With that being said I think a combination of techniques regarding education to be taken advantage of which I will touch on in other areas of this e-portfolio.